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Thank you for connecting with First Cats at the University of Arizona’s Thrive Center. We are eager to support your office and program in serving first-generation college students, staff, and faculty.

Below is a short outreach request form to submit to our team. Please note, requests for events or programs should be made at least 3 weeks in advance. Our goal is to respond to your request in a week with further details. If you have questions, please contact First Cats Initiatives Coordinator Martel at serwendam@email.arizona.edu.

We look forward to connecting soon,

First Cats

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*Notes (Event Format):

- A First Cats Presentation entails giving the audience an overview of who First Cats is and the services we provide for students, faculty, and staff.

- A First Cats Workshop covers specific topics aimed at first-gen students (e.g. managing your money or time, stress management, study skills, networking, communication, transition tools into college, etc.).

- A First Cats Panel serves as a way for the first-gen middle, high school, or transfer students to ask our student leaders questions about how they navigate campus, tips, and tricks for the University of Arizona, skills they have developed to become successful, and more.

- A First Cats Class/Meeting Visit is a 5-10 minute presentation to your students, staff, or faculty about who and what First Cats offers the first-generation community at the University of Arizona.

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