To thrive means to grow or develop vigorously, to flourish. Students thrive when they engage socially and academically, and when they feel a sense of belonging in the Wildcat community. By focusing on the assets each student brings with them to college and connecting them with valuable campus resources, Thrive Center is committed to ensuring that students do not just survive at UA, but thrive.


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Three Tips For First-Year Success, From a Graduating Student

The University of Arizona is a place of community, personal growth and success. 

It certainly has been for me. 

My name is Harrison Moreno, I am a Southern Arizonan, first-generation college student. As I prepare to graduate with a degree in journalism, it has made me reflect on the bright-eyed transfer student who first stepped on campus.

I may not be able to give past Harrison advice, but I can give advice to potential future Wildcats. After all, you might be the one looking after my home once I’m gone. Because the University of Arizona feels like home.

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Black Lives Matter

Dear University of Arizona and Tucson Community,

BLACK LIVES MATTER. Thrive Center recognizes the violent injustices directed at our Black communities across this country are wrong, and we publicly condemn the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop, Dreasjon Reed, Tony McDade, David McAtee, Dion Johnson, and the many more lives lost to the depths of systemic racism.  We express solidarity with those in mourning and feeling a range of emotions in light of this horrifying reality. We express solidarity as people, and movements continue to work to challenge white supremacy to envision and enact liberating realities.

In our work with students and campus partners, we prioritize a social justice lens and commitment to inclusion. We know social justice and inclusion carry no weight if we are unwilling to make these words come to life in our everyday work. As we continue to strive to create space for Black community members to feel as they need to feel and organize as they believe they should organize, we also call on our non-Black students and staff to consider your role in actively educating yourself, family and friends about the reality that Black Lives Matter (#blacklivesmatter) is a movement we all need to do our part in. Take this time to deeply reflect on what you are doing to unlearn and challenge anti-blackness within yourself and others.

We know that our learning is never complete, especially as we unpack and undo the salience of racism in our communities and systems. So, we assure you that we too, as a staff and student center, are continuing our own education, learning, and engagement as we encourage you to do the same.

In solidarity,

Thrive Center