UA Dictionary

Colleges and universities use so many acronyms sometimes it can feel like learning a whole new language. Thrive Center has created a UA dictionary to help you navigate the many terms you will hear as a member of the Wildcat community. 

D2L: Desire 2 Learn, UA’s learning management system where students access online information for their courses

FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

GRO: Grade Replacement Opportunity

INDV: Individuals and Societies, a strand of general education classes

NATS: Natural Sciences, a strand of general education classes

TCE: Teacher Course Evaluations

TRAD: Traditions and Cultures, a strand of general education classes

AHSC: Arizona Health Sciences Center

AME: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

AZSO: Arizona Sonora Residence Hall

BASC: Bartlett Academic Success Center

BUMC: Banner University Medical Center

ECE: Electrical and Computer Engineering

ENR2: Environmental and Natural Resources 2

ENRB: Environmental and Natural Resources Building

HSIB: Health Sciences Innovation Building

PAS: Physics and Atmospheric Sciences

PSP: Posada San Pedro Residence Hall

PSU: Park Student Union

SSD: Student Success District

SUMC: Student Union Memorial Center

USB: University Services Building

VDP: Villa Del Puente Residence Hall

CALS: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

CAPLA: College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture 

CAST: College of Applied Science & Technology

CLAS: College of Letters, Arts, and Science

COE: College of Education 

COM: College of Medicine 

CON: College of Nursing

COS: College of Science

CPH: College of Public Health 

SBS: College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 

UAHS: University of Arizona Health Sciences

AGI: Adjusted Gross Income

APR: Annual Percentage Rate

COA: Cost of Attendance 

DOE or ED: Department of Education (Federal)

DTI: Debt To Income

EFC: Expected Family Contribution 

EIN: Employee Identification Number

FSA: Federal Student Aid (website for FAFSA)

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FWS: Federal Work Study 

GAP: General Appeal Process

MPN: Master Promissory Note 

NSLDS: National Student Loan Data System 

OSFA: Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

PIN: Personal Identification Number

SAP: Satisfactory Academic Progress 

SU: Scholarship Universe

TIN: Taxpayer Idenification Number

QTR: Qualified Tuition Reduction 

AASA: African American Student Affairs

APASA: Asian Pacific American Student Affairs

ARC: Advising Resource Center

ASUA: Associated Students of University of Arizona

CAD: Cats After Dark

CAPS: Counseling and Psychological Services

CESL: Center for English as a Second Language

CLC: Cultural Learning Communities

CLEP: College Level Examination Program

DOS: Dean of Students

DCC: Disability Cultural Center

DRC: Disability Resource Center

FSP: Fraternity and Sorority Programs

GA: Graduate Assistant

GEL: Global Experiential Learning

GPSC: Graduate & Professional Student Council

ILC: Integrated Learning Center

ISRC: Immigrant Student Resource Center 

LGBTQ+: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning Affairs

NASA: Native American Student Affairs

PA/PM: Peer Advisor/Peer Mentor

PTS: Parking and Transportation Services

RA: Resident Assistant

RHA: Residence Hall Association

S4S: Schedule for Success

SALT: Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques, also known as SALT Center

SECD: Student Engagement & Career Development 

SOS: Support. Outreach. Success. (UA helpdesk)

TA: Teaching Assistant

TSC: Transfer Student Center

UAMES: University of Arizona Medical Emergency Services 

UITS: University Information Technology Services

VETS: Veterans Education and Transition Services 

WEB: Wildcat Events Board

WGRC: Women and Gender Resource Center

WOW: World of Words Library

WSIP: Writing Skills Improvement Program