Financial Wellness

At Thrive Center, we employ a holistic approach to students’ needs. We recognize that each student brings with them a variety of identities and lived experiences, and wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth. Understanding that finances have a considerable impact on student's physical and emotional well-being, Thrive Center has built a robust initiative that will equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to confidently manage their finances during college and beyond. 




What Can Financial Wellness Do FOR You?

Teach and share- Peer Educator created and led financial topic presentations that have attendees participate in discussions collectively. Financial knowledge shared and financial knowledge gained.

One-on-Ones: Students can meet individually with Peer Educators, our Graduate Assistant, and/or our Financial Wellness Coordinator. During these meetings, students are encouraged to share their own financial situations to learn about best practices and work through financial options to better understand how to navigate finances as a whole. 

Customized Financial Wellness Presentations: These are presentations designated to help educate people about specific financial topics and best practices around those financial topics. These presentations are available in-person or virtually and can be customized by the requestors. For more detailed information and a quote, please send requests to 

Financial Wellness Team Virtual Office Hours

All Financial Wellness meetings will be held virtually unless outlined in the notes section of the appointment request for an in-person meeting.

Financial Wellness Peer Educators are available during the academic year. During the summer and winter/spring break, the Financial Wellness Coordinator is available to meet with students.

Sign up to meet one on one here: at:

Drop-in hours will be posted starting the first week of September 2022.

Highly Attended and Anticipated Teach and Shares

Check back the first week of September 2022 for our list of Teach and Share events.

For any questions, please contact the Financial Wellness team: