Financial Wellness Bucks Are Here

Feb. 5, 2024

Earn FW bucks for participating

Illustration of a green financial wellness buck, looks like a dollar.

Financial Wellness Bucks ($FWB) is internal Thrive currency established to incentivize students to participate in and during Teach and Shares.  Created from the financial budgeting model of the 50/30/20 rule, Financial Wellness Peer Educators have worked to create a financial system that encompasses the needs and overall financial well-being of students.

Funding for the establishment of this store has come from an external grant promoting Financial Coaching (all of our Peer Educators are certified coaches).

What are Financial Wellness Bucks?

  • $FWB are laminated $1000 bills with sequential numbers
  • Currently only $100,000 is available (100 bills)
  • There will be a maximum of $5,000 available during each Teach and Share (potentially 20 Teach and Shares)

Why Earn FW Bucks?

Financial Wellness Bucks ($FWB) are incentives for students that attend and participate in multiple Teach and Shares.  All students can benefit from engaging with more information about financial topics to increase their understanding and ability to manage their finite resources. 

How Can I Earn $FWB?

There are 4 steps to qualify for receiving $FWB

  1. Students will need to register (RSVP) using registration links on the Thrive Calendar prior to attending Teach and Shares 
  2. Attend the Teach and Share ON TIME
  3. Stay the entire time
  4. Actively participate during Teach and Shares by answering questions/participating in discussions/ and/or other signs of participation as determined by the facilitator. 

Disbursement of $FWB will happen at the end of the Teach and Share sessions and there will be a brief explanation of how the monies can be used.

What Can I Buy with $FWB?

Highlighters & Pens $500 Chips $500
Dot Grid Journals $2,000 Full Size Candy Bars $1,000
Sticky Notes $500 Energy Drinks $2,000

Exclusive Items:

Golf cart ride-  $5,000

5 stickers-  $3,000

Squishmallow-  $25,000


How Can I Spend $FWB?

There are no regulations or guidelines for sharing, combining, or saving $FWB.

There are two ways to spend your $FWB:

  1. Electronically purchase your item on the online Financial Wellness Store. Items can then be picked up at the Thrive Center front desk (BASC 104).

  2. Or in-person Mondays from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm in BASC 120 (office in Thrive Center).