Mentoring Minute: Spring Group Meetings

Jan. 22, 2024

Spring Group Meetings Start Next Week

Mentoring Minute: The newsletter of Thrive Peer Mentoring, image of a male and female student talking at a table between Bear Down Building and Bartlett Academic Success Center with a laptop.

Spring Is in Full Swing!  Group Meetings Start 1/29

%%Preferred_First_Name%%, it's the first full week of spring classes, which means spring group meetings are right around the corner.  Instead of a course, like the HED 297 course you took in the fall, we will now meet every other week in small group meetings for a total of six times this semester.  We started with once a week last semester, then every other week this semester, and next fall the pace changes to once per month.  This helps you build toward autonomy, with regular group check-ins for support and community.

If you completed the survey at the end of the fall course, you should have received a confirmation email last Friday with information about your spring group meeting.  All meetings will happen in Bear Down 104, the Thrive Center classroom, except the two groups meeting remotely via Zoom.

Need to Register for a Group Meeting?

There is still time!  If you still need to register, or maybe need to change groups, simply fill out the 1-minute form.

We Are Here to Help

Our goal is always to support you with timely information and strategies to be the best you.  We really mean it when we say:  YOU CAN DO THIS and we are happy to help.  Maybe you are still carrying a balance from the fall, are on or near academic probation, or have a hold on your account.  We can help you work out a plan.  Just schedule a meeting with one of our professional staff.

You Can Do This Plan clip

Tame Time with Timeboxing

Check out our short article on timeboxing, a strategy for managing time and getting things done.

Canvas on easel with a cup holding paintbrushes

First Cats Wednesday

Thrive events kick off this month with glass painting on First Cats Wednesday.  Join us to make something great and build community.