Second-Year and Beyond

Second Year and Beyond

Looking for support throughout your undergraduate experience? Our second year and beyond experience provides you with a support network to continue THRIVING throughout your undergraduate career. Through continued one-on-one support, group learning opportunities, and fun community events, we support you as a student, as a person, and as a professional as you work towards graduating from the University of Arizona!


Second-Year Peer Mentoring

Focused on the second-year experience, our second-year peer mentoring program aims to support you through your first year of college. The second year (participation in first year mentoring not required) is focused on providing guidance on solidifying a major, exploring possible career paths, understanding the difference between graduate school and the workforce, building a resume, and making a detailed plan for the remainder of your time at UA.

Transfer Student Peer Mentoring

Our transfer student peer mentoring program centers the experiences of students that have transferred to the University of Arizona. In partnership with the Transfer Student Center, our goal is to connect you with a community of Wildcats that will help you THRIVE! Through one-on-one peer mentoring, group activities, and community-building events, peer mentoring will support you as you navigate, excel, and graduate from the University of Arizona.

Transfer Student Center