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Student Support Services (SSS) is a newly funded TRiO grant within the Thrive Center. This program supports students who are first-generation college students, or come from a low-income household, or have a documented disability. Our goal is to increase the number of students receiving a bachelor's degree from these three specific populations. For this reason, the SSS grant at the UA works with students from the time they enter the program through graduation. We focus on transitioning into college, navigating the UA, creating educational and co-curricular plans each year, and preparing for life after college -- this includes the workforce or graduate/professional school preparation. 

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Services & Benefits

We work with students from the time they enter the program through graduation. We have a dedicated staff that supports students by creating individualized educational and co-curricular plans led by each students' goals and vision for their college experience. Some of the benefits for program participants are

  • Individualized support and dedicated staff
  • Community of students with similar backgrounds and experiences
  • Connections to peer mentors and other Thrive Center services
  • Access to technology devices (laptops, calculators)
  • Free printing 
  • Tutors dedicated to TRiO students
  • Financial aid planning and FAFSA support
  • Graduate/professional school application support
  • Graduate school trip to visit potential schools
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Criteria for Participation

As a federal grant, we are required to meet eligibility criteria established by the United States Department of Education. Students must meet one of the following criteria in order to participate in SSS/TRiO:

  • Be a first-generation college student 
  • Come from a low-income household
  • Have a documented disability

All applicants must also hold U.S. citizenship or be a permanent resident.

We are required to confirm that each applicant meets at least one of these criteria, but students who meet more than one are given preference for participation. 

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This application is to begin participation spring 2022 The application will reopen in May for August 2022 participation. 

SSS/TRiO requires an application to determine eligibility. We will admit 140 students to start the grant at the UA. All students who are first-generation college students, or come from low-income households, or have a documented disability are invited to complete an application for the program.

For assistance completing your application, please contact us at