Mentoring Minute 01/29

Jan. 29, 2024

Group Meetings Begin, Pomodoro Technique and UAHA Scholarship

Mentoring Minute with image of student studying with a laptop at the Canyon Cafe.

Don't Forget: Group A Meetings Start This Week

It's here.  If you are in a week A group like Bobcats, Panthers, Tigers, or Ocelots, then your first meeting is this week.  You should have received a confirmation email from us about your group with all the session dates and the peer mentors facilitating your group.  You also should have received an email from EDGE, the system that will allow you to track your participation in all the sessions this semester.  

If you are in a remote group, like the Panthers group, you can also log in to EDGE with your NetID and password to access your Zoom link and start your meeting.

Group A Meetings This Week

Bobcats | Monday @11:00 am (Bear Down 104)
Panthers | Tuesday @9:30 am (Zoom)
Tigers | Wednesdays @11:00 am (Bear Down 104)
Ocelots | Thursdays @2:30 pm (Bear Down 104)

We Are Here to Help

Our goal is always to support you with timely information and strategies to be the best you.  We really mean it when we say:  YOU CAN DO THIS and we are happy to help.  Maybe you are still carrying a balance from the fall, are on or near academic probation, or have a hold on your account.  We can help you work out a plan.  Just schedule a meeting with one of our professional staff.

Illustration of a Pomodoro TImer

Pomodoro Technique

This week's strategy uses 25-minute chunks of time to get started with a project or studying.

Clipped image of 24-25 UAHA Scholarships Flyer

UA Hispanic Alumni Scholarships Open

Looking for funding? Check out the 12 scholarships available from UA Hispanic Alumni. Deadline is 4/8/24.