Men of Color Initiative

Men of Color Initiative

The MOC Initiative prioritizes educational success and well-being for men of color. It was created as part of an initiative to increase graduation rates of identifying men of color at the University of Arizona. Our program focuses on exploring the concepts of gender, race, power, and privilege and the influence they have on the experiences of men of color in college. We engage students through various programs and advising at all of the cultural and resource centers.


The Cohort Experience

Thrive Center developed a cohort experience for first-year students who self-identify as male and as a person of color (African American, Afro-Latino, American Indian, Asian American, Black, Caribbean-American, Chicano, Desi American, Hispanic, Indigenous, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, Southwest Asian and North African (SWANA), etc.). The cohort explores the ways in which these identities affect their academic, personal, and social experience. The cohort provides a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for male-identified students of color to explore the intersection of race and gender and racially oppressive experiences, strengthen their self-perception through activities and discussion, and help navigate academic and social experiences on campus and beyond. 

Connection & Community

Connect with other men of color at UArizona who have shared experiences in life and on campus.  

 Drop-in Support

A professional staff member is dedicated to supporting men of color on campus. This person is available for one-on-one meetings to support students in navigating the institution, to discuss majors and/or careers, to help understand funding, or just someone to connect with on campus.