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One of Thrive Center's guiding strategies is to encourage scholarly leadership. Our work with first-generation, low-income, students of color is informed by Critical Race Theory, Funds of Knowledge, Community Cultural Wealth, Growth Mindset and the value of mentoring. Our evidence-based programs and services are always designed with student needs in mind. 


The links listed below each article are a combination of open source and subscription-based access. If you are a UA faculty or staff member, student, or affiliate, you are able to access all articles through the UA Library portal. If you are connected to any institution of higher education, you likely have access to each article through your library system.


Critical Race Theory

Just what is critical race theory and what's it doing in a nice field like education?

Gloria Ladson-Billings. (1998). International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 11(1), 7-24.

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From the achievement gap to the education debt: Understanding achievement in U.S. schools

Gloria Lason-Billings. (2006). Educational Researcher, 35(7), 3-12.

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Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth

Tara J. Yosso. (2005). Race Ethnicity and Education, 8(1), 69-91.

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Critical race theory, racial microaggressions, and campus racial climate: The experiences of African American college students

Daniel Solorzano, Miguel Ceja & Tara Yosso. (2000). The Journal of Negro Education, 69, winter spring, 60-73.

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Critical what what?

Devon W. Carbado. (2011). Connecticut Law Review, 43(5), 1593-1643.

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Critical race theory and education: History, theory, and implications

William F. Tate, IV. (1997). Review of Research in Education, 22, 195-247.

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First-Generation College Students

First-generation college students: A literature review

Carmen Tym, Robin McMillion, Sandra Barone, Jeff Webster. (2004). Research and Analytical Services.

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“Why not me?” College enrollment and persistence of high-achieving first-generation Latino college students

Desireé Vega. (2016). National Association of School Psychologists, School Psychology Forum: Research in practice, 10(3), 307-320.

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Choosing success: A paradigm for empowering first-generation college students

Louis V. Macias. (2013). American College Personnel Association, About Campus, November-December.

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Effects of employment on persistence of low-income, first-generation college students

Ketevan Mamiseishvili. (2010). College Student Affairs Journal, 29(1), 65-93.

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First-generation college students: Additional evidence on college experiences and outcomes

Ernest T. Pascarella, Christopher T. Pierson, Gregory C. Wolniak, & Patrick T. Terenzini. (2004). The Journal of Higher Education, 75(3), 249-284.

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Navigating postsecondary pathways: The college choice experiences of first-generation Latina/o transfer students

Desireé Vega. (2017). Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 42(12), 848-860.

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Funds of Knowledge & Community Cultural Wealth

Funds of knowledge: An investigation of coherence within the literature

Linda Hogg. (2011). Teaching and Teacher Education, 27, 666-677.

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College aspirations and limitations: The role of educational ideologies and funds of knowledge in Mexican American families

Judy Kiyama. (2010). American Educational Research Journal, 47(2), 330-356.

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Family lessons and funds of knowledge: College-going paths in Mexican American families

Judy Marquez Kiyama. (2011). Journal of Latinos and Education, 10(1), 23-42.

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In pursuit of success: Latino male college students exercising academic determination and community cultural wealth

David Pérez, II. (2017). Journal of College Student Development, 58(2), 123-140.

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Growth Mindset

Growth mindset tempers the effects of poverty on academic achievement

Susana Claro, David Paunesku, & Carol Dweck. (2016). Proceedings of the National Academic of Sciences of the United States of America.

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Mindsets that promote resilience: When students believe that personal characteristics can be developed

David Scott Yeager & Carol S. Dweck. (2012). Educational Psychologist, 47(4), 302-314.

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Peer mentoring to support first-generation low-income college students

Sean Plaskett, Diksha Bali, Michael J. Nakkula, & John Harris. (2018). Phi Delta Kappan, 99(7), 4-51.

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Why peer mentoring is an effective approach for promoting college student success

Peter J. Collier. (2017). Metropolitan Universities, 28(3), 9-19.

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Understanding the memorable messages first-generation college students receive from on-campus mentors

Tiffany R. Wang. (2012). Communication Education, 61(4), 335-357.

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The influence of involvement with faculty and mentoring on the self-efficacy and academic achievement of African American and Latino college students

Stacie Craft DeFreitas & Antonio Bravo, Jr. (2012). Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 12(4), 1-11.

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Natural mentoring relationship and the adjustment to college among underrepresented students

Noelle M. Hurd, Joseph S. Tan, & Emily L. Loeb. (2016). Am J Community Psychology, 57, 330-341.

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